We exceeded all our expectations for another successful year!!  

FOLKS actively operates in the Park from Memorial Day and past Labor Day.

In those few short months we:

  • Served close to 30,000 visitors at the Interpretive Center (IC);
  • Sold over $18,000 worth of merchandise in the IC; supporting local artists with our Consignment Program, returning $8,500 in revenue to our Park;
  • Sold 1,346 Annual Discover Passes & 1,364 Day Passes, which translates into a direct financial contribution of over $54,000 to Washington State Parks;
  • Conducted 155 lighthouse tours in 30 days, for a total of 805 park visitors;
  • Hosted five community events at the Park;
  • Assisted with seven group tours including the annual class trip from the Lake Chelan 5th graders and Bellingham 4th Graders;
  • Facilitated six wonderful weddings at the lighthouse; and
  • Contributed 1,464 volunteer hours either directly or through the volunteers we trained and coordinated to serve the public, all of our events, activities and daily presence in the Park.

One way FOLKS volunteers make a visitor’s experience at our Park more memorable is that we provide the human connection.  This is never more evident than when a visitor stops back by the Interpretive Center so excited and wanting to say thank you for directing them down to the water to see the lighthouse and whales!